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Pleasant Taste
These effervescent tablets can be dissolved in a liquid such as water or fruit juice, meaning that they often taste better than regular tablets. It dissolves quickly and completely, meaning you get the full benefit from the ingredients.
metabolism booster
spirulina capsules
Distributed More Evenly
These effervescent tablets dissolve completely and evenly meaning that localised concentrations of the ingredients cannot occur. This means not only a better taste but also less chance of irritation and a more efficient means of ingesting the ingredients.
Increased Liquid Intake
Effervescent tablets provide the nutritional benefits intended, but in addition to this they also increase liquid intake. This can be especially beneficial if you are dehydrated or ill and not ingesting as much fluid as usual.
vegetable juice
spirulina capsules
Easy Intake
Usually people have trouble swallowing either due to illness or age. Older individuals may have difficulty swallowing but need to take medication or supplements on a regular basis and in this respect, effervescent tablets can be a lot easier than having to swallow a tablet.



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