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EMF range of Ayurvedic medicines of Nutraceuticals are not just herbal product but a lifestyle product which has become an essential part of your daily routine. The herbs used in this product have been handpicked under the guidance of expert Ayurved Acharya. The measurement of right quantity of every individual herb comes through years of experience.

Premium Packaging:

The tablet tubes are made to protect Nutraceutical products from light, moisture and breakage. The effervescent tablet tubes are made of polypropylene (PP) and are designed with extreme intricacy and care. These are user-friendly with appealing designs and are Non-toxic and immune to microbiological attack. The cap of the tube are shock absorber and are specially designed in a way that makes the tablet unbreakable

Extensively searched and Sourced Raw Materials:

Our suppliers of the herbs are handpicked who provide us the best of the materials sourced from various parts of India. We only use the herbs which are organically grown and are harmless in any form to the body. The herbs are grown under the expert guidance and observation.

Socially responsible:

The range of ayurvedic medicine will help to boost the immunity of everyone who is currently either fighting or are taking precaution against COVID-19. The pricing also of this product has been decided and kept in a way that it is affordable to everyone. EMF also stands to give an opportunity to young entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business.

Complete Organic assurance:

We assure every customers and partners of us the commitment to provide only the best organic ingredients. These ingredients are grown whithout using any pesticides or urea. These products are cultivated or collected under strict organic standards.

Positive Impact:

We are inspired by the Ministry of Ayush, Indian Government and have followed the positive guidelines to develop the Kadha which will not only help to fight the COVID-19 but will boost your immunity and will keep you away from various viruses and infections.


STANDARDIZED EXTRACTS: We make use of top quality herbs with established active ingredients for consistency in results

RESEARCH & INNOVATION: Our formulas have documented clinical data – a practise which sets us apart from other market players

PRODUCT FORMAT: We make use of tablets, capsules or powders after consideration of best delivery format to meet dosage requirements.

CERTIFIED QUALITY: Each batch is tested for safety & heavy metals in compliance with international standards.


Any success is based on few pillars of trust and compassion and we thrive to achieve our success with the same passion and compassion. Our offering of the range of Ayurvedic & Nutraceuticals products are unmatched and curated to meet the requirement of masses.

Standardized Extracts:

Ingredient plays the most vital role in the making of any food or any medicine specially Ayurvedic . Our range of ayurvedic medicines are made from the right ingredients which are handpicked from various corners of India. A huge research has been done at the inception itself to understand the quality ingredients that are available around us and can be supplied throught the year. A process is implemented to extract the ingredients to achieve the optimum benefit in a single tablet.

Innovated & Reserched:

Normally, herbs are not the things which you would like to take because of its taste. Many of the natural herbs are either bitter or sour in taste hence it is a real challenge to develop a taste which will suit everyone’s pallet. Our research team has done lot of experiments with natural sweetener and different natural falavours to maintain the taste and authenticity of every dose that a person takes leaving behind a pleasant after effect.

Quality Manufacturing:

It is our basic responsibility to control the manufacturing process and closely observe the quality of every individual tablet coming out of production. The process of extraction is always done under the observation of Ayurvedic doctor or ayurvedacharya. Every herb is processed individually first and a quality check is done before the further process. The packaging of the medicine is also done through a complete automated machine so that no human touch is required.

Made with love:

Perfection comes with Passion, which is why we have made these medicines out of our love and passion for serving the humanity. Every process from research, to sourcing materials, to production, till packaging has been done under strict observation of various team member. It is with utmost care and love we present you a range of Ayurvedic & Nutraceuticals medicines for you and your loved ones.



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