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EMF Healthcare focus on improving patient's lives by identifying, developing, and commercializing meaningful products that address unmet medical needs. We are working on a diverse portfolio of products, with a focus in the areas of immunity, lifestyle and food supplement products. We also support commercial products in other therapeutic areas where we can meaningfully address serious medical needs.

As part of our unwavering commitment to improve patient's lives, we are continuing to expand our commercial product portfolio and our research and development pipeline in therapeutic areas that can leverage our unique expertise. We do this through a growth strategy of growing sales of the existing medicines in Indian market, acquiring commercial products that are in late-stage development and pursuing focused development of our pipeline of differentiated therapies.

Based on our management experience in the medical industry and healthcare environment, we consider the success factors to be focused on market success and increasing turnover and contribution margin rather than cost savings and general downgrading. A clear strategy based on excellent knowledge of the market and customer needs is the core. A good international network helps further. This will ensure a structured process to develop market-driven products and implementation of successful marketing and distribution structures. The basis of all actions is a longstanding, loyal partnership with our clients. As we have outstanding practical experience in the processes, we do not perform theoretical analysis but give clear recommendations which, if the client wants, we are able to put into action ourselves. As the service we offer is always linked to the subject of market success and achievement of goals, we as well agree on precise targets for each project .


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