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Why EMF Kadha?

EMF kadha is unique combination of herbs that improves your immunity in this covid -19 pandemic . It contains 10  adaptogenic herbs that makes your body functions strong also gives benefits in some diseases like hypertension, Diabetes and indigestion problems.

Every herb in this kadha is having immunity boosting effects also improves  and strengthen the specific organs and system too. Shatvari and Ashwgandha works as a antioxidant and removes toxins from body .it works on psychological well being by balancing  stress hormonal levels. Apart from boosting immunity it is useful in gynecological problems like infertility  and menstrual disorders in females.

Shunthi makes your body fit by fat burning effects on body also lower down blood suger levels .As wel knows traditional use of shunthi , it gives cold and cough relief and keeps respiratory tract healthy.

Draksha is very well known for the health of red blood cells. It also works on digestive system and act as a natural laxative. It gives strength to heart vessels and keeps heart functions healthy and prevents the blockages.

Kalmegh and adulsa very well known for its cough expectorant effect. It removes cough from body amsl has anti bacterial anti microbial effects so ultimately cleanses respiratory tract which is very important in current pandemic situation.

Tulsi ,Black Piper and pippali is  the kadha is giving strength  to digestive system so as to adaptogenic herbs like shahtavari and ashwagandha   get disgested easily .It also acts as a cough expectorant .

Giloy is an  antioxidant  it also helps in chronic fever,allergies and generalized weakness .it remove free radicals from body and keeps body healthy . It gives strength to liver and bones .its very effective in old age with osteoporosis.

Major advantages of kadha

  1. It is easy to carry and can take during travelling ,working as it is in dispersal tablet formulation with hygienic air tight container.
  2. Unlike other ayurvedic kadha its very delicious even kids can drink it.
  3. Its diabetic friendly as no added sugar .
  4. Its doesn’t have any colouring agents so kids and adult  can taste it daily.

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