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How To Boost Immunity in Covid 19 Situation?

As all of us know the Covid-19 virus become threatening  respiratory  disease now and scientist all over  the world are taking lots of efforts for searching vaccines . There are many preventive measures we can take to cope up with covid-19 virus so that we can avoid spread of virus  lik  hand washing with alcohol based sanitizers ,using mask,social distancing etc.

Covid-19 symptoms are varies from mild to severe ratio.  mild symptoms are  like common cold cough ,cold and in  severe cases it shows pneumonia,breathlessness,high grade fever and death.

why there is difference in body response  from mild to severe symptoms  for same virus ?

This is because of immunity to cope up with virus.if body functions body organs are capable enough to fight against this virus , person become immune to this virus and shows mild symptoms and will not turn up into life threatening emergency.

How to boost immunity?

To make the body functions and organs strong we need to have balanced nutrition.

Vitamin c is plays major roll in this mechanism giving strength to body cells.Vitamin c is highly volatile for normal temperature so consume immediately if you cut any citrus fruit rich in vitamin c like lemon ,oranges ,kivi. Amla is the  only fruit which has its vit c intact even on higher temperature. Thats why ayurveda gives lots of importance to this herb as an adaptogenic herb.

Protein rich diet to give strength to muscles and organs  which is always   recommended by health experts .There is no need to take external protein supplement if u have enough grains, dal rice, soya, eggs ,chicken, mutton in your diet.

Many herbs are playing major role to keep make your body functions and organs strong .Giloy, Ashwagandha, Amala,s hatavari  are mentioned as a ‘Rasayan’ means helps to improve immunity.

Most important is out digestive  system . If you eat balance diet but digestive system is weak to absorb nutrition from  food then body wil not get enough nutrition.To make digestive system strong have fiber rich diet so prefer eating  whole fruit rather than juices there are leafy vegetables, cabbage, salad is great source of fibers. Many herbs like piper, hing, spices has natural digestives

How yoga and meditation helps in covid ?

Yoga and meditation breathing exercises makes your respiratory organs stronger.There are many stress hormones are responsible for health of body functions and ultimately immuninty .Meditation and yoga will these hormonal level normal.

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